With Lucie Picandet

We are producing her first short film, Le Soir du poulpe [The squid’s evening] 

Lucie Picandet, drawing for the film, Courtesy galerie Georges-Philippe et Nathalie Vallois

With Nadia Plesner, in Paris
Conditionnements exhibition, summer 2019

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Views of the exhibition

With Sarah Trouche at the LA Art Show
“You should wear your revolution”

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Invited to the contemporary art fair LA Art Show, Sarah Trouche produced a performance on the theme of women’s emancipation. The artist collected underwear from many women in order to use their suggestive power, each piece embodying a story and an individual. This performative piece is inspired by a historical group, the “Sans Culottes” during the French Revolution.

Le Point Contemporain about the artist and our work with her: here