Our crushes

We had the opportunity to meet the spanish painter → Juan Ruiz Mena who just won the first price of the XIII Concurso de Pintura from the Foundation AguaGranada. A contest on the Sierra Nevada and Granada as a “Paisajes de Agua y Nieve”

© Adrien Belgrand
© Adrien Belgrand

Recently we had the opportunity to meet → Adrien Belgrand, a talented painter. His smooth and realistic touch plays with 3D imagery: the artist wants to make painting the place of an immersive experience, which transcribes a vision of reality without imitating it completely.

At the Rencontres d’Arles, very well-designed scenography for remarkable shots by photojournalist Philippe Chancel. In the church of Frères Pêcheurs, we navigate from continent to continent, but we always see the same thing: tragic situations, linked to a social, economic or ecological reality.

Looking at the exhibition “Les Saturnales, part 2: Solaris”, a suggestion by Simon Zaborski and Julia Borderie ( for more information), we have been interested in → Camille Zehenne’s work.
Here is a 2016 video that combines the artist’s knowledge as a researcher in information and communication sciences, and her talent as a video artist. In the KissmyArt team, we also have potato names!

Ecosistema del Agua (Water ecosystem), Lima museum of contemporary art

Straight from Peru, seen through a beautiful installation that combines pre-Columbian archaeology with contemporary art.

The purpose? Show the water collecting and treatment systems developed by the ancient Peruvian populations. Water management here is based on a thorough understanding of nature and respect for ecosystems. Exposing such knowledge is a major contemporary challenge due to the ecological crisis.

Some artists noticed during the exhibition [ Aparté ], the first organized by the collective Embrayage.
A great initiative that lives up to its ambitions.

At the → Valérie Delaunay gallery, we liked the works of Kubra Khademi, an woman artist from Afghanistan. Her drawings, which are highly autobiographical, cross-reference the artist’s genealogy with the universal history of women.

Visiting Finale, the group exhibition of 2018 graduates students from the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Paris. Great works.

Rugilė Barzdžiukaitė, Vaiva Grainytė, Lina Lapelytė, Sun & Sea (Marina), 2019
at the 58th Venice Biennale
Nice surprise at the Lithuanian pavilion 

The journalist Judith Benhamou-Huet met Lina Lapelyté,
one of the three artists:

“New Pigments” exhibition by the artist Martin Jason
at Thaddaeus Ropac gallery (Paris)

Jean-Marie Appriou - Le sang du poisson a l'odeur du métal
Clément Cogitore, en collaboration avec Sika Viagho / atelier Lilikpó - La porte de la désolation
Yûichi Yokoyama - Beasts and Ourselves, of Glasses

Exhibition opening at the Palais de Tokyo, dedicated to the childhood

Installation "Neon Forms (after Noh)" de l'artiste Cerith Wyn Evans à #ArtBasel, Galerie WhiteCube.
Works by Cindy Sherman and Francis Picabia at the booth of Galerie 1900–2000, of Paris, at Art Basel 2018.
Exhibition view of Ruben Alterio Acte II, at J-A POUGATCH GALERIE
Meeting Orlan at "Artists and Robots" exhibition in the Grand Palais (Paris)
Installation by the artist He Xiang Yu, WhiteSpaceBeijing (Unlimited | U33)
Installation by the artist He Xiang Yu, WhiteSpaceBeijing (Unlimited | U33)
"Death Star II", by Robert Longo’s, galerie Thaddaeus Ropac, Art Basel 2018
Nadia Plesner: ”Survival of the Fittest”, Dansk 11
Nadia Plesner: ”Survival of the Fittest”, Dansk 16
Nadia Plesner: ”Survival of the Fittest”, Dansk 12
Nadia Plesner: ”Survival of the Fittest”, Dansk 8
Oeuvre de Vanessa SAFAVI, à la galerie The Breeder, Athènes
The Clothing Loop Project, Musée d'Art contemporain d'Athène
Jef Aérosol - Chuuuttt !!! - Place Igor Stravinsky
Performance "In the Box" de Jonone à la galerie Rabouan Moussion pour son exposition
Sahara, 2014, Sarah Trouche, photographie de performance
Vue d'exposition "Talking About a Revolution !" conçue par Paul Ardenne à la galerie 22VISCONTI
Sahara, 2014, Sarah Trouche, photographie de performance