Sarah Trouche

 Sarah Trouche is a French visual artist born in 1983. 

She has studied with the artist Jean-Marc Bustamante, Guillaume Paris and Jacky Chriqui at the Beaux-Arts de Paris where she graduated in 2007. Then she completed her training with the artist Mike Kelley. She earned a Master of Fine Art at Art Center College in Los Angeles (2007) and a Master of Music Performance In 2014, she also trained to make a short film at the Gaité Lyrique, Paris.

In 2008 Sarah Trouche joined forces with an architect Benjamin Herr to create a collective of multidisciplinary European artists. More than 200 artists have joined the “Winter Story In The Wild Jungle” project. The collective is awarded with the Paris City Prize for its project “HitandRun”, 30 days on a cargo ship transformed into a place of creation and demonstration.

Sarah Trouche’s work is based on numerous trips and expeditions that bring her to meet groups coming from micro-society to globalized societies. It carries out a critical reflection that reveals the anomalies, ambiguities and social and political contradictions that develop there.

Her main forms of expression are performance, photography and video. She is a winner of the Villa Médicis hors mur grant in the category of living arts with her Arriba project and participates in numerous group exhibitions in France such as “camera as release” for Paris photo 2014, centre d’art Le Lait, le 104, the Brownstone Foundation ,and abroad: Artbat fest Kazakhstan 2014, Biennale de Marrakech 2014, OCAC Taipei, Armory régiment New York, gallery Hakusen Tokyo.She is also invited to collaborate with various art schools: École des Beaux-Arts de Metz, Annecy, and abroad: UNCC USA, NTUA Taipei .

Her work has integrated the collections of the J.-P. Morgan, Sjberwin, Benenson collection, Mosquera collection, IADA foundation.

Performance is a space of research, led by artists working across different disciplines but also contexts and places.

Constantly at the limit of dance, video, installation, sculpture and emerging form, performance becomes a means of inventing the idea of “process”, experiences and presences, more than a simple production of forms and objects. It is an art that above all seeks to test the limits of the possible and the permissible and that remains as close as possible to its context and its audience. Performance provides us with a formal and conceptual space to question the relationship between the media and audiences.

In my work, the “process” is just as important as the finished object and the setting up of the exhibition is seen in terms of format.

The artist tries to keep things in suspense and this irresolution allows me to learn from encounters with other disciplines: Architecture, Philosophy and Dance; thus collaboration becomes essential because it produces signs and brings a level of complexity, compromise and excesses.

The work becomes unpredictable because its performance never has predefined scenarios. They seek to create movements, find a rhythm, live an experience. The work is about the women she meets. Forgotten minorities…

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