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Nadia Plesner & Gurt Swanenberg

Summer 2019

The works of Nadia Plesner are now to be seen in private by appointment in Paris


Exhibition organized by KissmyArt Paris in collaboration with the Modern Collector. We represent Nadia Plesner, a Danish artist already known worldwide for her legal battle with Louis Vuitton. Our collaboration permitted us to exhibit for the first time in France the artist’s most recent productions.

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Exhibition title
Nadia Plesner, Trash Study I, 2019
Nadia Plesner, Black Friday II, 2019
Nadia Plesner, The Plight II, 2019

Photos of the exhibition from June, 13 to June, 15 2019, Galerie Au Médicis, 5 rue de Médicis, 75006 Paris, France

About the exhibition

The works of the Danish Nadia Plesner are in remarkable harmony with those of the Dutch artist Gurt Swanenberg. Both share a critical interest in the language of marketing and advertising. While Gurt Swanenberg works mainly on the representation of livestock animals, Nadia Plesner focuses on the human.


By choosing the title “Conditioning” for this exhibition, the curators are bringing together the different subjects of reflection of the two artists. From food packaging to mental conditioning that derives from submission (consented or not) to advertising and to the entertainment industry. The works on display reflect Nadia Plesner’s work since Darfurnica and the trial she won against Louis Vuitton in 2011.

Nadia Plesner illustrates the automatic aspect of the average consumer’s behaviour in our society, in which she identifies an unconscious “choreography”. It thus explores the forms of conditioning of our behaviours. She invites us to adopt a critical vision of those behaviours by using the aesthetic codes of advertising (slogans, flat and saturated colours, seduction, etc.)
His reflection on human behaviour is based on the representation of their consequences, both social and ecological.

Lecture by Stéphane Borraz, with the two artists and the moderator
Silkscreen of Black Friday III by Nadia Plesner

On the occasion of the exhibition, each artist created a work to be silkscreened. The copies, signed by the artists, are now available on this website → Achetez de l’art.

Silkscreen of the piece Habitat (Gurt Swanenberg)
Nadia Plesner signing the silkscreens

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